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The Experience

9 chambers on two floors

The location offers spectacular views of Tirol’s mountains and valleys, revealing the actual SPECTRE shooting locations in Sölden. The entrance area can be reached from the top station of Gaislachkogl Mountain Gondola. This allows each visitor time to enjoy the gondola ride up the mountain while also ensuring that they can take their journey through the installation without any over-crowding.


Entrance Level 007 Elements


Exit Level 007 Elements

1. The Barrel of the Gun

Barrel of the Gun Elements

Visitors enter 007 ELEMENTS via the Barrel of the Gun, an atmospheric anteroom. This space focuses on two fundamentals that are synonymous with the James Bond films, innovative title sequences and dramatic, spine-tingling music.

2. The Plaza

The Plaza 007 Elements

In the open-air Plaza, the imposing angles of the building’s architecture frame the mountain panorama. The sharp angles recall the work of famed Bond Production Designer Sir Ken Adam who was the primary influence on the building’s design.

3. The Lobby

The Lobby 007 Elements

The Lobby echoes the type of antechamber that Bond often enters upon his arrival at a villain’s lair. It features an exclusive film that is narrated by SKYFALL and SPECTRE Director Sam Mendes, which takes the visitor through the history of the James Bond films, from DR. NO to SPECTRE. Mendes also describes his own personal connection to the series.

4. The Lair

The Villains Lair 007 Elements

This room features an innovative piece of immersive digital theatre designed to showcase the characters and dialogue from the Bond films in a fresh and exciting way.

5. The Briefing Room

The Briefing Room 007 Elements

Actress Naomie Harris, who plays Moneypenny, narrates an exclusive film that explains how the series’ scriptwriting has led to location choices, and how these locations have, in turn, inspired some of the series’ most iconic studio sets. Special attention is given to the locations that form the story-scape for SPECTRE’s Austrian action sequence.

6. The Tech Lab

The Tech Lab 007 Elements

The Tech Lab explores some of the cutting-edge technology that features in the Bond films. This state-of-the-art space allows visitors to interact with the technology and to explore some of the legacy props and digital creativity used in a James Bond production.

7. The Action Hall

The Action Hall 007 Elements

This is an installation that centres on the work of the special effects and stunt departments. It features the front portion of the aircraft that Bond pilots in SPECTRE. Visitors will also get a behind-the-scenes look at the exact make-up of SPECTRE’s thrilling mountain chase sequence.

8. The Screening Room

The Screening Room 007 Elements

In the Screening Room guests can watch the Austrian action sequence from SPECTRE with a fresh understanding of how it was created.

9. The Legacy Gallery

The Legacy Gallery 007 Elements

The Legacy Gallery allows visitors to discover an extensive 007 archive through interactive touch screens that dip into EON Productions’ archive vault. Exclusive 007 merchandise is also available for purchase.

The products are only available in the shop at the summit of the Gaislachkogl. Shipping is not possible. Thank you for your understanding!

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